Xiaomi 12T 5G VS Xiaomi 12T Pro 5G: What’s new?

Posted : 18-October-2022

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Xiaomi recently launched two of its best mobiles - 12T and 12T Pro. Both these have created a craze in the market owing to their amazing features, bigger screen size, excellent performance, and overall visual appeal and charm. Since both models have many similarities, choosing the right mobile phone in Qatar won't be an easy task. Besides, they aren't coming at a low price that you can take the investment risk.

We have described some factors you can easily differentiate between the Xiaomi 12T and Xiaomi 12T Pro.


Both phones come with different processors, which is why there is a difference between their performance levels. Xiaomi 12T has the Dimensity 8100-Ultra, while Xiaomi 12T Pro has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ processor. Qualcomm Snapdragon is much faster when compared to Dimensity. Plus, the former processor is known for supporting high-quality applications, running multiple apps in the background, and having a higher refresh rate. Therefore, Xiaomi 12T Pro is definitely the winner based on the processor.

Rear Camera

The lesser Xiaomi 12T 5G price in Qatar exemplifies that it has some features less advanced than the Xiaomi 12T Pro. One such feature where the difference lies in the rear camera. Although both models come with three cameras, the main lens has different resolutions for both models. In Xiaomi 12T, the maximum resolution of the primary camera is 108 MP, while that of the Xiaomi 12T Pro model is 200 MP. This is why the pictures taken by 12T Pro are clearer and sharper.


While online shopping Qatar for mobiles, one of the main features you need to check is RAM. The Random Access Memory is meant to store all the running applications, and the data to be transmitted and received are stored. The RAM is also the house of the OS and system features. In Xiaomi 12T, the RAM has a memory space of 8 GB, while in Xiaomi 12T Pro, the maximum RAM is approximately 12 GB.

Camera Sensor

Although Xiaomi 12T Pro is the winner in most cases, there is one field where it falls behind Xiaomi 12T. And that is in terms of the sensor in the rear camera of the Xiaomi 12T. It comes equipped with an ISOCELL sensor, due to which the camera can easily sense objects, adjust the focus, and offers a much clearer picture. So, if you complain about the lesser resolution of the primary camera, this sensor will easily compensate for the gap.

Image Resolutions

The picture resolution of both models is different, which is why the Xiaomi 12T Pro 5G price in Qatar and that of Xiaomi 12T 5G are also varying. 12T Pro has a picture resolution of 14500X13650 pixels, while the Xiaomi 12T is 12000X9000 pixels.


Also, the Bluetooth version is different for both models from Xiaomi. In Xiaomi 12T, the Bluetooth version is v5.3, but in 12T Pro, the version is v5.2.


With the mobile price in Qatar being within the affordable range and the several discounts and offers on the total cost, you won't have any problem buying the Xiaomi 12T or 12T Pro. You will find other mobile phones at the online store, to ensure you can get the best mobile from Xiaomi with advanced features and compatibility with the 5G network.