Top Air Purifiers to Have in 2022

Posted : 18-May-2022

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With the increasing pollution levels, everyone is concerned about the air quality they breathe in. Even when you are indoors, the air you breathe is full of pollutants, from smoke to suspended particulate matter. Therefore, having an Air Purifier is very crucial at present.

An air purifier sucks in the polluted air from the atmosphere and allows it to pass through filters. The air expelled into the room is free from almost all pollutants. With the staggering growth in the demand for air purifiers, several brands have been introduced. If you aren't aware of Qatar's best brands of air purifiers, here is a brief glimpse.

Xiaomi Air Purifier

Xiaomi has become one of the best electronics brands in the market. The available models come with smart connectivity features to ensure you can easily control their operations from remote locations. You can also track their activity through mobile and schedule their power on/off to save more electricity. Thanks to high-quality air filters, there is nothing to be worried about respiratory allergies.

Toshiba Air Purifier

Like Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite, Toshiba has also introduced a smart air purifier. However, its capacity is way more suitable for large indoor areas, like living areas, lounges, and more. It features the patented Ioshield Technology that prevents negative ions from returning to the area. Also, there is a filter change indicator to help you know when you need to replace the old filters.

Philips Air Purifier

If you want to buy air purifiers online having a small and compact size, go for the Philips air purifiers. While their capacity isn’t much impressive, they come with several new technologies integrated within the main body. It delivers outstanding performance and makes the air safer for everyone. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about breathing polluted air.

Sharp Air Purifier

Another outstanding air purifier brand that you can get for yourself is Sharp. With a slender, tall body, the air purifier can be placed anywhere in the house. Instead of having a mesh top cover, this appliance comes with a split top, just like the air conditioners. If you want an alternative to Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier 4 pro, then Sharp's air purifier will be the best option. It features plasma cluster technology, also known to be the safest and most efficient purifier technology.

Dyson Air Purifier

If you want to buy some unique air purifiers, check out the collection from Dyson. Almost structured as a lamp, these air purifiers are portable, and you won't have to struggle too much in moving them from one place to the other. Apart from that, they are highly efficient and can remove almost all contaminants from the air. This is why you can easily breathe unpolluted air.

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