Meta Quest 2 - A New, Revamped Version of The VR Headset

Posted : 13-June-2022

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Virtual reality is a cutting-edge technology that can change people's perceptions of many things. For instance, retail companies can implement this strategy to offer an outstanding experience to customers through VR. Websites built on this technology will make things come alive and create an illusion for the users about a certain product.

As per the current market stats, the main application of virtual reality is in the form of gaming. Gamers can now indulge in virtual games where they will represent the player characters in a computerized environment. For example, when the character walks through the castle doors, the gamer will feel as if they are surrounded by a castle and walking inside the game.

If you also want to enjoy this state-of-the-art technology, Meta Quest 2 is the best option. It is a virtual reality headset built to offer an immersive experience to users. If you plan to expand your gadget collection or want to play games differently, getting this VR headset is more feasible. But to give a head start, we have explained some of the main features you can find in this new device.

Dual Memory Space Options

One of the best features of Meta Oculus Quest 2 is the availability of two variants based on higher memory space. With the VR headset, you can have 128 GB or 256 GB of memory space. This will help you store many files and even download movies and high-end games from the internet. One thing is sure – there won't be any crunch in available memory.

Super-Efficient Microprocessors

VR headsets need to offer a world-class experience to users. This is why most products use the Snapdragon 835 microprocessors. Although it is quite fast and efficient, it failed to match the configurations of Oculus 2. This is why the newly launched product has Snapdragon XR2 from Qualcomm's family. It is quite fast and processes all tasks easily without halting any event.

Excellent Resolution and Display Performance

If a virtual reality headset doesn't have a wonderful resolution, getting the product for yourself is no point. This is where VR Quest 2 has made a shift in the market. With an excellent resolution of 1832 X 1920 pixels, you won't have to squint your eyes to decipher what is being shown. Instead, everything will have optimal clarity and sharpness, ensuring you can use different visual elements within seconds.

Real-Time Virtual World

Quest 2 features the three most important technologies that make it one of the best VR headsets. First, the 3D audio positioning helps block all outside noises and helps you enjoy the game or any other program with spatial audio. Once you take the controllers in hand, the headset will track movements and accordingly decipher the message. Another most important technology you can find here is the haptic feedback system.

Wireless Connection

You can easily connect this headset to the internet without worrying about wires or any other cord system. Furthermore, it is integrated with Wi-Fi technology, ensuring you can connect it with your mobile or any other device with the help of Wi-Fi.


With an affordable Oculus Quest 2 price at, you can now get this new virtual reality headset to enjoy an immersive experience. Both variants are available on this platform, so choose the one that can suffice your needs in the future.