Is Mobile Cheap in Qatar?

Posted : 04-January-2023

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Buying the latest mobiles is everyone's dream, especially the modern phones are packed with some of the most interesting features. There are many things to do, whether it is the AI-based camera or face lock feature. Even some mobiles are ideal for shooting photos with a quality similar to that of the SLR. While all these sound so interesting, we cannot ignore that the mobile price in Qatar might not be amicable for everyone.

The better the brand and the more complex the features, the higher will be the mobile price. So, knowing the factors influencing the model price will be better before you buy a certain phone. Keeping this in mind, we have shared some insights to help you decide on the price of mobile phones in Qatar. With this, you won't have to worry about spending more than you can afford.

Mobile phone type and brand

The first factor on which the Qatar mobile price will depend is the type and brand. First, if you are going for an iOS phone, its price will be much more than an equivalent phone with Android OS. This is because iOS is the patented operating system from Apple, and we all know that Apple phones are perhaps the costliest in the class. On the other hand, Android OS is used in mobiles of most other brands. Therefore, comparing the prices, iOS will be costlier.

Similarly, if we compare the brands using Android OS in their mobile phones, we will see significant differences in the prices. For instance, Redmi and Xiaomi phones are the cheapest. But if we consider Samsung and OnePlus, the price will soar high. So, based on the brand and the country of origin, the price will fluctuate.

Camera features

Another factor influencing the mobile price during Qatar online shopping is the camera. Mobiles with two regular cameras and a single front camera will be cheaper than models with three regular and one AI rear camera and a single front camera. Similarly, the higher the camera resolution, the higher the mobile phone cost. For instance, a model with a 20MP resolution for three rear cameras will be less priced than a model with a 40 MP resolution.

Screen size and display type

Mobile phones with an Amulet display screen or simple LCD are cheaper. But the best mobiles to buy in Qatar usually have OLED display which is more immersive and comes with higher pixel resolution. Similarly, if you get a phone with a larger screen size, be prepared to pay more than you expected. Usually, the screen sizes are measured diagonally in phones. So, while preparing the budget, consider the screen size, display type, and pixel resolution.

Internal memory and RAM

Also, the mobile price in Qatar depends on the internal memory and RAM. For instance, if you choose a model with 64 GB internal memory, its price will be higher than the model of the same brand and type with 128 GB. Similarly, a phone with 2 GB RAM is less expensive than a model with 8 GB RAM.


With the factors influencing the price now known, you need to list the best mobiles in Qatar that will be within your affordable range. This way, you can have a phone of your choice without breaking the bank. Then is the best option where you can buy smartphones at a reasonable price. Visit our page now!