How to Get the Best Ezviz Security Cameras with Perfection?

Posted : 20-July-2022

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Security cameras have become imperative in today’s time. It doesn’t matter how strong the fortification is because bypassing the security levels and trespassing into your house won’t be much difficult for experienced thieves and burglars. Therefore, you need to implement every possible security protocol that will safeguard your interests and assets, even when you are away. While it does sound easy, the real problems start when you have to buy security cameras and devices with perfection.

Having so many options in hand further makes the selection process difficult and cumbersome. If you mistakenly buy the wrong camera, not only will it make your investment go down the drain, but your security will be at stake. Keeping this in mind, we have shared some factors based on which you need to make your selection.

Security Camera Type

Security cameras are broadly classified as indoor and outdoor cameras. Indoor cameras do not need to be weatherproof or feature night vision. They are, in fact, the most straightforward CCTV technology, recording the videos, transferring them to the connected device, and allowing you to keep a check.

On the other hand, outdoor cameras need to be more resilient and durable to survive the onslaught of weather adversities. Plus, they are usually packed with more features, like motion tracking and night vision. Therefore, while looking through the camera collections, you must ensure you get the right type based on the place for installation.

Lens Resolution

Most Ezviz security cameras cone with varying lens resolution. It is marked as MP and defines the clarity of the images or videos recorded. The lower the value, the poor will be the image quality. For instance, a 2 MP camera lens cannot record videos with higher clarity than a 4 MP camera.

Therefore, you must ensure the chosen product can meet your requirement and come with lens resolution. It would be better to go with higher resolution for outdoor cameras, while for the indoor ones, you can settle with the lower resolution values.

Motion Tracker

When you want to buy security cameras from Ezviz, you must check if they can track the motion or not. These are smart cameras whose main housing will move about the fixed pedestal according to the movement of any object within its focal length.

Therefore, they are highly accurate in tracking the thing and keep you updated about their position.

Night Vision

Most outdoor cameras come with a night vision feature. In addition, they feature an IR lens that helps you to keep track of the objects in low light and dark conditions based on the heat signature. This way, you can quickly know if someone is standing outside your house or not.

Pan and Tilt

While looking through the home security camera collection, check if they feature pan and tilt construction. Panning means horizontal movement from left to right while tilting means vertical up and down motion. With such a camera, you won't have to worry about the footage coverage because it will move remotely according to the presence of any object within its focal length.


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