Washing Machines: The Best Options Available In The Market Today!

Posted : 29-Apr-2021

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Buying a home appliance is not a child's play. It is something you are going to be spending a considerable sum of money on and also something that you will be using on a regular basis, so naturally, it's necessary that you choose a product that gives you the best returns on your investment and that you can rely on for repetitive use. A household essential, one of these primary home appliances is definitely a washing machine and with new technologies rolling out in the market every day it's becoming harder and harder to find the right fit for you. Today we'll be discussing brands that are offering first-class washing machines at a reasonable price to make your choice a little easier.

Hisense is a brand known for its top-quality yet budget-friendly products. Its WFKV7012 7 Kg Front Load Washing Machine proves how a product doesn't have to be astonishingly expensive in order to provide good value. This Front Load Washing Machine, simple to use, has a relatively good wash time and gives excellent results. Along with being extremely energy efficient the also impresses with its low water consumption.

Geepas's Fully Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine gives Hisense's WFKV7012 a fair competition. Priced almost the same, Geepas GFWM7800LCJ is the ideal choice for you if you're partial to a more traditional configuration. It impresses with its powerful performance and high-end features all packed in an extremely affordable budget. With a drum volume of 42.7 and a spin speed of 800 rpm, the machine is spacious and efficient enough to easily handle an extensive load and is perfect for a mid-size family. Other admirable features that make it a good choice include its energy-saving and less-noise-producing qualities.

The next in line is Bosch's heavy-duty 8 Kg 1000 Rpm Series 2 Front Loader Washing Machine. This top-loader, carefully designed and stylish in looks, might look compact but can efficiently handle heavy loads with ease and minimum sputter. Its commendable and powerful performance more than justifies its price tag. Equipped with technologies such as EcoSilence Drive™, WaveDrum, reload function, and AntiVibration™ Bosch's WAJ20180GC is the machine for you if you're not hesitant to spend a little extra for a premium quality and long-lasting product.

Beautifully designed and loaded with several impressive features, Krypton's KNSWM6124 7.5 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine is your best bet if you want a machine that is incredibly affordable without compromising on its quality. With neat wash quality, easy maintenance and use, less noise, less water consumption, excellent performance, and a user-friendly control panel Krypton's emerges as a worthy option.

Some other washing machines that impressed us with their pocket-friendly budget and commendable performance and that we feel deserve an honorable mention include Vestel's sturdy and neatly-designed W6104 6kg Front Load Washing Machine, Krypton's semi-automatic and budget-friendly 9.8 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, Geepas's Fully Automatic washing machine, and Olsenmark's durable 8K Semi-Automatic Washing Machine. To know more about products and deals log on to