Is Canon PowerShot Zoom Worth Your Money?

Posted : 20-Sep-2021

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Technology has been advancing exponentially. Gone are the days where quality meant large-scale hardware. Today daily use technological gadgets are progressively getting more compact, easier to use & maintain, and more pocket-friendly both literally and figuratively. Even though smartphones today are giving a lot of dedicated cameras a run for their money, true photography aficionados know the value of professional cameras. Compact digital cameras, or digital point-and-shoot cameras, are the newest most impressive, and significantly inexpensive entry into the high dynamic range photography. Canon Compact digital cameras offer great flexibility, unmatched style, and boundless creative freedom with optimal quality and detailed pictures. You can carry a compact digital camera with you anywhere. Moreover, a close rival of compact cameras, DSLR cameras come with more or less the same specifications with double the price. Digital compact cameras are especially a great option for you if you are just starting your photography career or beginning to explore an interest in photography as you can get one at a very cheap price which wouldn't significantly impact your savings.

Finding the right technological product however can be a very troublesome task. There's a lot to consider, a lot to read and research, and a lot of other similar products that you have to compare with the one you're considering. Canon is a pioneer in the field of professional cameras that you can always trust for world-class quality. Its Canon PowerShot ZOOM is the latest entry in the compact digital camera range. Let's dig deeper to see if the camera is worth your money.

The Canon PowerShot Zoom comes packed with a 12-megapixel sensor that allows you to capture detailed, crisp, and clear photographs. The camera is loaded with optical image stabilization. It also has 3 Step Zoom which allows you to switch between 100mm, 400mm, 800mm focal lengths with ease and efficiency. The camera also comes with a 2.3 million-dot electronic viewfinder through which you compose photos. The camera also allows you to take and review your photos via your smartphone. You can connect the camera with the Canon Camera Connect app and use your smartphone as a Remote Live View in order to see what's seen through the camera's viewfinder. Besides taking photos, it also allows HD video shooting and can capture flawless 1080/30p videos. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and SDcard for content storage. It has a USB-C port which allows fast and efficient charging. The camera is easily manageable with a weight of just 145 grams.

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The built-in Li-Ion battery of 800 mAh allows you to keep clicking without having to continuously re-charge your camera. The CMOS sensor is 1/3” or 4.8 x 3.6 mm in size and captures the photos as jpeg. The control panel consists of six easy-to-use buttons. Three buttons that are: a zoom button, an on/off button, and a menu button are located on the top and three other buttons that are a shutter release button for video (with red dot), a shutter release button for photos, and a dial for the diopter setting are located on the bottom.

Due to its small size, the Canon PowerShot Zoom is ideal for photography lovers who can take it with them anywhere they go. It provides satisfactory results and comes within a reasonable price range. Our verdict is that by blending ease of use with style and quality, the Canon PowerShot Zoom more than justifies its cost and is a worthy purchase. For more Canon products and deals log on to