Good photos call for a good camera!

Posted : 08-Jun-2021

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If you have ever looked at an Instagram post (mostly by a celebrity) and wondered, why the photos clicked by you never turn out to be this good? Well, it’s not your fault actually. You should know that most Instagram photos that look like a snap from a professional photoshoot are, in fact, clicked using a dedicated camera.

Even though smartphones continue to evolve with their camera features and you have multiple options in your phone's camera today such as AI filters, adjustable exposure, ISO, and white balance among others, a dedicated camera still stands out with professional features to produce high-quality shots.

A dedicated digital camera is more likely to have advanced and high-sensors that allow you to click pictures in situations where a smartphone camera might fail. And when we talk of cameras the first brand that comes to our mind is Canon. A Canon digital camera can capture moving subjects in low or difficult lighting with absolute ease and clarity. Besides the professional features such as adjustable shutter speed and apertures which capture great action shots, a Canon digital camera also helps capture photos with the depth of field ‘bokeh’ effect in the background.

In short, with dedicated cameras, you get better control over the pictures that you click. You can decide how much light or blur you want. So, if you are looking to buy a camera and confused what to choose, we've got your back. Here's a list of the top 3 Best Canon Digital Cameras:


A technological marvel, the Canon EOS R5 camera is pegged as one model that can corner off every type in its market segment. The video specs of this model are next-generation.

Best features - 45MP Dual Pixel AF CMOS image sensor, Full-frame 8K, 4K/120p, and 4K HQ video modes, 8-stop combined IS, Face Detection and Tracking, Portrait Relighting, and Enhanced Electronic Viewfinder (EVF).

As a high-end second-generation mirror-less model in the EOS R system by Canon, the EOS R5 comes with several groundbreaking features like 8K video and really shows the company pushing boundaries of what's possible. EOS R5, which you might call one of the best cameras in the market at the moment, is the perfect fusion of EOS R’s form, the EOS 5D’s function, and the professional-grade autofocus of the EOS-1D X. It offers pristine image quality, the best Autofocus in the market, lightning-fast burst, and best full-frame IBIS. Overall, it's one of the best cameras you can use if you're a hybrid shooter with a predilection for both photography and videography.


This is an all-round camera and one that a serious camera enthusiast can easily bet his passion on. The combination of speed, video and low light capabilities definitely make it worth a professional’s choice.

Best Features – A 20MP Dual Pixel CMOS Sensor, 1.62M-dot fully-articulated rear touchscreen, new battery rated at around 380 shots per charge (EVF), UHD 4K shooting at up to 60p, 1080 at up to 120p, In-body stabilization rated at up to 8EV of correction, Dual Pixel AF II with AI-trained subject tracking and 100% AF coverage.

Although, almost otherworldly in its features and quality, we have to admit EOS R5 can be a little too much for you. After all who has the space to store 8K videos? Canon's EOS R6 is in many ways similar to EOS R5, but a more reasonable option. It features much of the same underlying tech of EOS R6 like top-grade burst speed and laudable autofocus, but applies it to more manageable specs. Canon EOS R6 is the best 4K filmmaking camera in the market and should be your first choice if you're looking for quality and reliability.


This full frame mirror less Canon EOS RP DSLR camera is one to own if you are looking for a cheaper and cuter version. You won’t a find a more compact and affordable camera in this category.

Best Features – Mirror less EV-5 focusing limit camera, up to 5 stops’ of image stabilization with Dual Sensing IS, Spot AF, Eye Detection AF during Servo AF, 4,779 AF frame positions, and 5 fps continuous shooting during One-Shot AF.

EOS RP by Canon is one of the only budget full-frame and 4K video cameras in the market today. It gives excellent image quality, displays impressive ISO performance, has a Fast Dual Pixel CMOS AF autofocus system, and good build quality. Overall, it gives you excellent value for your money and is ideal for intermediate-level photographers who wish to leap into full-frame, but don’t want the very advanced features.