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Posted : 14-May-2021

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Summer is here and we know the scorching heat can take a toll on you. The days are now going to be tediously long and unpleasantly sweaty. Just walking down, the street in the hot and dry summer air is going to feel like a burdensome task. The suffocating heat not only makes us uncomfortable and lethargic but also unproductive. There are times during a hot summer day when mercury seems to be boiling, ready to burst out the glass vial. You can try ice creams, cold beverages, fans, and even a cooler but the relief, calmness, comfort, and relaxation that comes from breathing in some cool and refreshing air conditioner air is unparalleled.

The sizzling and blistering summer days make Air Conditioners an imperative necessity. You need an AC in your room to keep your calm and not let the heat get to you. ACs are common these days and anyone reading this article is very likely to already have one in their home then why do you need to buy a new one? No one buys new ACs every year and it's possible that the one you have right now is outdated. However, with innovative feature-packed ACs being rolled out in the market regularly, there’s no harm switching to a new upgraded and modern Air Conditioner that will not just given you value for money but also make the air healthier.

We've put together a list of in-trend ACs that are packed with innovative features and fit any budget.

Toshiba 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner

Toshiba has always been known to offer products that are reliable and efficient and their RAS-24U2KS-Q 2 Ton Split AC is no exception. It is smartly designed, compact, high-performing, and incredibly energy-efficient with impressive cooling capacity, comfortable airflow, easy maintenance, and silent operation. Toshiba ACs can also be trusted to bring new innovative features as it is interestingly the brand that first manufactured split ACs and brought in Inverter AC technology. The Toshiba RAS-24U2KS-Q is a favorite among many thanks to its high dependability quotient.

Geepas 1.5 Ton Split Type Air Conditioner

Geepas, the flagship brand of Western International Group, stands as one of the most reputed electrical appliance manufacturers in the world. Quality and value come associated with its name and trust in its integrity is reinforced by its 30 years of legacy. Geepas 1.5 Ton Split type Air Conditioner is innovatively designed and equipped with many impressive features like Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, Auto Restart Function, Anti-Dust filter, and Power Saving technology to improve and upgrade the cooling experience.

White Westinghouse Split Air Conditioner 2.5 Ton

This is a trusted American home appliance brand and currently used under license by trademark owner Westinghouse Electric Corporation. The White Westinghouse 4 Star AC is a worthy investment in your comfort and offers promising features and delivers a powerful performance. It cools your place quickly and maintains a consistent temperature throughout use. It's easy to use and comes with a stylish remote. The neatly designed AC is also a great to complement to the décor of your room.

White Westinghouse Split Air Conditioner White 2Ton

This is another impressive and affordable Air Conditioner from White Westinghouse that would keep your room cool and comfortable while at the same time saving you money by consuming less energy. This is the ideal option for you if you're looking for a product that's cheap yet impressive in performance and has admirable cooling capacity. Its performance is so smooth that it generates zero noise and creates an optimal environment for you to relax and be comfortable. For more details log on to