Why owning a smart watch is a smart choice?

Posted : 4-Mar-2021

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From being just mere time tellers with analog dials to fashion statements with the pompous digital options, watches have come a long way. Once on the verge of extinction due to the advent of phones, these time-telling pieces have had a facelift rather a tech lift metamorphosing them into smart utility items that help you break away from your smartphone. Their foray into the smartphone ambit has what made them more appealing and capable of mirroring everything that you need to reach out to your phone for.

Your phone is your business and your life, but then it does get a bit awkward or embarrassing at places when you have to hold it when you go about your day or search frantically in your purse or pocket in front of people when it rings. That’s where your watch enters with its smart features. Your smartphone can save you not just from embarrassments, but also offer you a cartload of other features that you never imagined it could.

A smart watch is your answer to a whole lot of worries. Just connect it via Bluetooth to your phone and see notifications beaming right onto your wrist. Well, if you thought this is all that it has to offer, then you are wrong. Brands across the board have come up with watches that give more than just notification alerts. Equipped to provide pretty much everything like a smartphone, this old piece of gadget has made its comeback thanks to the features it offers.

There is one to suit every taste, gender and even your trade. From professionals, to technology, sports and fitness enthusiasts, these wearables today pack in a whole lot of health, information, telephone and even payments function to cater to every lifestyle. Smart watches by Xiaomi are something to watch out if you are one of those who look for style and affordability in one frame. If you are looking for an analog watch that is also smart, then Samsung has an answer. Check the latest on to find the one that strikes a chord with you.

GPS functions, weather updates to latest sports scores, your smart watch is your ultimate companion on the go. So how do you think it could score over mobile phones?

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More than just time-telling devices:

There was a time when watch sales had dipped as they had been reduced to either just as functional items, i.e., telling you time or just style statements. The entry of smartphones, further deteriorated their image as they would not just tell you time, but also be your personal organizer and even set alarms.

However, the advent of smart watch saved the day and now even seem to be a threat to smartphones, thanks to some path-breaking features.

Your guide and buddy

Maps and GPS trackers made our lives so much easier, that many forgot how looking at a smartphone while driving or walking could land them in trouble. However, a smart watch like a true buddy would never let you fall.

Apple smart watches can direct you left or right when following directions with vibrations. Follow this invisible guide while watching things around than continuously looking at the phone map and meeting with an accident.

Lost and found

We all forget our phones somewhere or the other. And finding it is a task that we all fret about. Don’t worry anymore a smart watch has the solution to this problem of yours. Most smart watches have a ‘find your phone feature’. Just tap a few keys and ring your phone to find your device and get going with your work.

Track fitness

No need to keep your health at bay. Now, you can realize your fitness goals in a wholesome way, thanks to the fitness tracking feature that most smart watches have. Get cracking with your fitness activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming and your smartwatch will guide you through every milestone that you reach. From counting steps to measuring distance, calories, to water intake and heart and pulse monitoring, your smart watch can be a good replacement for a fitness tracker or even a pedometer. Go for Garmin watches that are great if fitness is your core concern.

Grab a waterproof one if you are worried about sweat or even dropping it into water. Swimmers too can grab a waterproof watch that will help monitor their activity.

Connect even when on the go

Gone are the days when you had to stop to reply to a call or a message. A smart watch is your perfect answer to staying connected even when on the go. Watches with voice support feature are also a great buy if you are someone who never likes to miss a call.

Convinced why this measly device could be your essential tool for convenience? Well, then go check out the latest watches flooding the market and grab one that suits your style and taste. For more details log on to