Back To School: A Checklist for The New Year!

Posted : 08-August-2022

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With the covid restrictions now lifted, it's time to return to the original life. Yes, disruptions happened, and they were inevitable. But now, as the pandemic has slowly receded, people are again forced to adapt to the old lifestyle they were habituated to two and a half years ago. During the lockdown, students were affected the most. They had to start studying online with no friends to gossip with. They couldn't get out to play with others like earlier. Social involvement was banned entirely, and it affected children in adverse manners.

However, as schools have resumed their regular operations, students now have to return to their old life. Schools in Qatar will resume classes again in August, which is also the new academic year for 2022. When everything is new, and afresh, it's time to get new school supplies, dresses, shoes, and other accessories. While the task might sound easy, shopping without a checklist can lead to a disaster. So, we have drafted a brief checklist for students about to resume their school life from the new academic year.

Studying Accessories

The very first thing your children need is the studying accessory list. From books to notebooks, pencils, pens, craft supplies, covers, and so on, you need to get everything from the market at the earliest. Since the demand will be high, leaving these items for the last can create problems. For example, your little one might not get her favourite Unicorn pencils and notebooks if you delay the shopping for school supplies till the last moment. Therefore, make a list early and start shopping, so you don't miss the outstanding deals and offers on these items.

School Dresses

With returning to school now becoming a mantra, you need to get new dresses soon. Your child has grown a lot in the past two years. So, you cannot expect the old dress to fit again. Besides, the previous dress is now probably in ruins. So, rather than fixing it and wasting your money, get a new pair of clothes as per the school's instructions. Have two pairs so you can wash one daily and keep the dresses spotless.

New Pairs of Shoes

With Qatar Online Shopping facilities now available for children's accessories, you can quickly get a new pair of shoes from an online store. Just ensure you get the size right because there can be differences between the sizes listed by the brand and the one your child wears.

Clothing Accessories and Essential

Make a list of all the clothing accessories and essentials you need for your child. For instance, if the school has a proper dress code, you must get ties and belts. Socks, gloves, scarves, and sweaters are also required because winter is almost knocking at the door, and it won't be late before your little one needs to wear these warm clothes.


As the schools are resuming fast and the timeline is minimal, you need to get everything faster so you don't miss essential items. Besides, getting all these supplies earlier will give you enough time to review them again and purchase the things you missed the first time. With Jazp, Online Shopping Qatar for school supplies and accessories is more convenient and profitable due to discounts and offers.