Amazfit GTR 4 & GTS 4 Series Smartwatches

Posted : 22-November-2022

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One of the most well-known wearables brands is Amazfit, which offers a variety of products in various price ranges. The GTS series is a mid-range wearable, whilst the Amazfit BIP is more reasonably priced for the mainstream market. In addition, compared to their less expensive siblings, the Amazfit GTR and T-Rex wearables provide higher design and construction quality with some distinctive features.

With the introduction of the new Amazfit GTS 4 tiny, the company has just updated its well-known GTS mini line of wearables. This model has a metal frame, an AMOLED display, a 15-day battery life, support for always-on displays, and other features.

Amazfit GTR 4: Box Contents, Hardware, and Design

The GTR 4 is rather substantial. Its diameter is already over 2 inches; much more and it would emphasize how absurdly large it seemed. It is just slightly bigger than Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and has around the same size as an Apple Watch Ultra, however, it is shorter in height. Buy Amazfit GTS 4 in Qatar and Doha from at the most reasonable prices!

Its heart-rate detecting component protrudes slightly above the watch's natural base, creating a strangely shaped, smaller circular protrusion on the bottom (if you care that form of thing). The watch's borders and its 1.43-inch AMOLED display are separated by a thin edge, and almost undetectable tick markings give it a very little glimmer when light hits it in the right direction. Buy Amazfit GTR 4 Fitness Smart Watch enjoy its unlimited features now!

A 5W power adapter and an easy magnetic charging connection are included with the watch Find smart watch price in Qatar at!

Amazing GTR 4: Show

With a weight of only 19gms, the watch is very light and scarcely noticeable when worn on the wrist. Although we have seen watches in this price range that feel better, we would not describe this watch as being of the best quality.

Given how much emphasis this watch places on fitness, it is bright enough to use at all times throughout a typical sunny day, making it ideal for outdoor exercises. The watch might even be brighter. As you might reach quick Settings on a mechanical man smart phone, you may swiftly adjust its brightness manually by tapping the matching symbol once you scroll down. The 466 x 466 show on the GTR 4 typically seemed smooth and conscious of use.

Amazfit GTR 4: Performance and Code

There are a whopping thirty entirely new functions and options available on the watch's main menu. It's all just one big scrollable list by default; you can change it to a hexagonal display in the watch's settings, but then you won't be able to view all the icons at once (nor even any names to assist you work out what is what). Instead, you might have to navigate through groups of seven icons at once, which is a really frustrating way to find whatever you're searching for. To begin barking commands to the GTR 4's digital assistant, Alexa, you must first link your Amazon account to the Zepp app. In order to access them from the watch, you may also link your WeChat, Apple Health, Strava, and Live accounts. Amazfit GTR 4 Price in Qatar is QR 729.

The Bluetooth 5.1 standard is used by the Amazfit GTS 4 mini for connectivity. On the connectivity perspective, there were no issues because the connection was easy and rock firm.


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