Your dream capture with DJI Osmo Pocket 2

Posted : 23-Dec-2020

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As always, Jazp is mindful of the changing needs and perspectives of its customers. And that is why this time it has brought to you DJI, a brand that has innovation and ease of use as the central theme of their products. With irresistible offers and cutting-edge technologies, we bet you cannot keep yourself away from these DJI gadgets that will change the way you look at the world. DJI’s flying and camera stabilization systems are an artist’s tool to bring ideas to life. These DJI gadgets redefine the way you place your cameras and position them to create memories that you can treasure for life.

Here is a list of products from DJI that you can grab so that you can dream beyond:

The DJI OSMO POCKET 2 is that perfect travel mate that will assist you in creating memories that you will cherish for life. Its name defines its character. This pocket-sized handheld camera is equipped to stabilize movement that ensures your photos are sharp and videos are super smooth. It’s pure magic at hand. The 3-axis mechanical gimbal by DJI is the perfect friend that you need to create magic

DJI OSMO MOBILE 3, this is for those who want to enjoy the adventure than capturing it. The DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 is for those who want to focus more on the moment than on the hand. With the OSMO MOBILE 3 by your side you can bid goodbye to shaky footage. The ergonomic design helps it to be handheld for longer periods of time. Compact enough to fit into your palm this piece of beauty enables you to create without limitation. The storyboard template will help you transform your footage in seconds by adding music and other desired effects as per your choice.

Now, don’t worry about shooting from different angles. DJI’s OSMO POCKET EXTENSION ROD is your perfect mate to improve your shooting experience. Control the gimbal, track objects, change gimbal modes and recenter to get the shot that you want. The retractable rod can extend up to a maximum of 500mm, allowing you to capture and recreate the experience of a lifetime. With multiple mounting brackets, this pocket extension rod gives you the luxury of opting for multiple shooting options.

Be the star you wish to be. The DJI OSMO ACTION CAMERA lets you be the star that you always wanted to be, but could not because you were behind the camera. The dual screen of this super cool camera allows you to capture all you want at just the touch of a button. The vivid front screen allows you to get that perfect frame that you are looking for effortlessly in any setting. The back screen gives you a crystal-clear hyper responsive display. Packed with features that you will love exploring, this camera lets you live the memory as it is being created. Check out DJI products on this jazp link: