How we are dealing with our employees during covid-19

How we are dealing with our employees during covid-19

Posted : 24-Jul-2020

The top concern in Qatar eCommerce sites like is guaranteeing the wellbeing and security of our representatives, and we hope to put forward more COVID-related activities to get items to clients and protect workers. This incorporates speculations identified with COVID-19 wellbeing estimates, for example, individual defensive hardware, upgraded cleaning of our offices, forms that take into account compelling social removal, higher wages for hourly groups, and building up our own COVID-19 testing capacities, and so forth. Some precise numbers so far are:

  • Included almost 1 million ounces of hand sanitizer.
  • Added more janitorial staff members to our regular groups.
  • Given an extra 1 million gloves.
  • Included 2 million cleaning wipes.
  • Included almost 20 hand washing stations.
  • Acquired in excess of 20 thermometers and 15+ warm cameras.

We're additionally spending on redeploying colleagues from their run-of-the-mill jobs to do security-related errands and reviews at locales around the globe.


We are leading temperature checks over our tasks system, testing a huge number of representatives’ day by day. On the off-chance that people have a fever, we'll ask that they return home and come back to work when they are without fever for any event for three days.

A great many veils have been dispersed over our system. They are accessible to all Jazp partners and employees. We are expecting everybody to take and use them.

A significant security step might be regular testing of all workers for COVID-19, including those without manifestations. We have started gathering hardware. We have to make our first lab to process tests and would like to begin testing little quantities of our bleeding-edge representatives soon.

We have expanded the recurrence and power of cleaning at all destinations, including normal disinfection of entryway handles, handrails, contact screens, scanners, and other much of the time contacted zones.

Our improved cleaning has included very nearly 200 extra purposes of contact per site over our janitorial groups, and we've expanded the size of our cleaning groups triple to help our structures.

We've sourced many extra units of things like disinfectant wipes, gloves, and hand sanitizer for our groups and reconfigured structures to incorporate extra hand-washing and sterile gear stations.

We expect everybody to wash their hands often with cleanser and water for any event 20 seconds, particularly in the wake of utilizing the restroom and before eating, just as subsequent to cleaning out their nose, hacking, or wheezing. In the event that cleanser and water are not promptly accessible, liquor-based hand sanitizer stations are effectively open all through our structures.

  • Notwithstanding break times, representatives can log out of their framework to wash their hands at whatever point they pick, without worrying about the impacts on their performance goals.
  • We've balanced our practices so satisfaction focus representatives can rehearse social removing in the accompanying manners.
  • We've disposed of stand-up gatherings during shifts for new specialized strategies like billboards and instant messages.
  • We've balanced lounge tables and microwaves so workers can eat and unwind in view of new boundaries.
  • We've moved training so we don't have representatives gathering in one spot.
  • We've balanced our recruiting procedure to allow social removal and moved numerous exercises on the web.
  • We're directing everyday reviews of the new wellbeing and security estimates. We've instituted to make sure individuals are taught and consenting to this new ordinary. We additionally doled out a portion of our top machine-learning technologists to catch openings progressively about how we can keep on improving social removal in our structures utilizing innovation.

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Job Creation

To guarantee that our groups are staffed to address the difficulty and obligation of being a life-saver for Jazp clients, we have employed 100 individuals.

Apply at Full-time Qatar online shopping workers get complete health advantages from the very beginning – their first day at work. It's a piece of a full scope of advantages including physician endorsed medication, dental, and visual designs that are offered to the employees and qualified relatives including household accomplices and their kids.

Qatar online shopping likewise has confidence in dealing with individuals who need time away. Somebody determined to have COVID-19 or who is possibly positive (however unfit to get a test) will get as long as about fourteen days of taking care of time—this is notwithstanding their other paid and unpaid time off alternatives. We're asking any individual who was in close contact with the analyzed individual while at our site to remain at home, with pay, for 14 days in self-isolation to secure themselves and people around them. In the event that any colleagues can't or are reluctant to work a planned move, they can use paid or unpaid time off choices, and we are steady on the off-chance that somebody decides to remain at home.

We will continue assessing how to best help our groups and will keep turning out measures to secure the wellbeing of each individual and helping clients get what they need during this troublesome time. Dealing with our retail workers as they step up for their networks will remain Jazp's main need.

We can assure Qatar’s online customers that they shop domestically with further trust and confidence, and take pride in Qatar’s best-in-class eCommerce online marketplace!