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Taqdeer YJY-60L غني باب قفل 60 ملم فضة

Taqdeer YJY-60L Rich Door Padlock 60 mm Silver
  • YJY-60L
  • YJY-60L

Taqdeer YJY-60L غني باب قفل 60 ملم فضة

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الوصف :

3 Digit Combination Password Suitcase Locks Padlocks has durable structure of Zinc Alloy and plated steel. The hooks are heat treated and the hardness and strength are greatly improved. The lock is set at the manufacturer to open at 000. You can keep it as your own combination, or set a new one.

اللون Silver
Type Padlock
Features Durable padlock,
Product Size 60 mm
Product Material Stainless Steel
Ideal Usage Home, Office, Gates, Shutters
Locking Mechanism Double Locking Giving Greater Secuirty

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