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سيمبا 106304175 1000 الفن والمرح ملصقات للبنين

Simba 106304175 1000 Art & Fun Stickers For Boys

سيمبا 106304175 1000 الفن والمرح ملصقات للبنين

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Decorate your notebook, room and dairy with the Simba Toys Art and Fun Stickers. These 1000 stickers explore your little one creativity and keep them engaged for hours. They come with their favourite cartoon character images to amaze little charms. With high quality, they stick on chosen place easily.

وزن 81.6 G
Type Stickers
Suitable For Boys
Recommended Age 3 Years & Above
Country Of Orgin China
Dimension 19.6 X 19.6 X 3.1 Cm

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