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سانفورد SF2904GS BS 1350 واتس ملابس الباخرة

Sanford SF2904GS BS 1350 Watts Garment Steamer

سانفورد SF2904GS BS 1350 واتس ملابس الباخرة

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Quick and easy to use, this garment steamer from Sandford can be ideal for all your last minute touch-ups and difficult-to-iron clothes. This ergonomically designed steamer is lightweight and very comfortable to use because all you need to do is press the trigger and remove creases from your clothes quickly. You can also fi

Type Garment Steamer
Capacity 29 Ml
Water Tank Capacity 0.6 Litres
Length For Pipe 1500
Steam Output Time 45 Senconds
Power 1350W
Automatic Off Yes
Working TiMe 20 Minutes
Features Double Layer Steam Pipe Ensure High Efficency And Heat Insulation

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