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Saachi NL-RM-4974 صانع روتي بالأبيض والأسود

Saachi NL-RM-4974 Roti Maker Black and White
  • NL-RM-4974
  • NL-RM-4974

Saachi NL-RM-4974 صانع روتي بالأبيض والأسود

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The Saachi NL-RM-4974 Non Stick Roti/Tortilla Maker is ideal for those who are looking to make delightful rotis or tortilla breads within minutes. Enjoy traditional delicacies at home with this efficient and easy-to-use appliance. It has an 8-inch base that can give you the option to make different sizes of rotis.

اللون Black & White

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