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Saachi NL-HR-1247G سخان غاز وطباخ متعدد الالوان

Saachi NL-HR-1247G Gas Heater and Cooker Multicolor
  • NL-HR-1247G

Saachi NL-HR-1247G سخان غاز وطباخ متعدد الالوان

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This LPG Gas Room Heater is Powerful, clean and instant radiant heat primarily intended for temporary heating. For use in buildings or structures under construction, alteration, repair, or other short term outdoor uses. This multi-purpose appliance is used as a heater and a gas stove.

اللون Multicolor
Type Gas Heater/Cooker
Gas Type LPG
Features High thermal efficiency, Quick heating and cooking, Carry handle
Product Weight 16.75 Kg

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