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أوليمبيا MA-075 مبشرة شفرة مزدوجة

Olympia MA-075 Grater Double Blade
  • Olympia MA075 12in1 Nicer Dicer Grater Double Blade Image
  • Nicer Dice
  • Nicer Dicer
  • Nicer Dicer

أوليمبيا MA-075 مبشرة شفرة مزدوجة

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12 in one Nicer mechanical device created with High Grade plastic material. It ideals with all quite vegetable and fruit. it's a quickest, safest and simplest way to cut or dice fruits, vegetables . it's simple and really convenient to use. it's made from prime quality stainless-steel blade. Ideal for Potato, Onion, Carrots, Cucumber, Pineapple, Apple and lots of a lot of fruits and vegetables, manual chopper. Salient options plastic, serious duty & long life, simple for fitting, stainless-steel blade, simple to use and clean
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