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الصمام Olsenmark OMESL2705 15W لمبة توفير الطاقة

Olsenmark OMESL2705 15W LED Energy Saving Bulb

الصمام Olsenmark OMESL2705 15W لمبة توفير الطاقة

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Decorate your home with the Olsenmark LED Bulb. It lightens up your room and adds brightness to all around the corner. This bright LED bulb is sure to save the energy and is a perfect cool day light. It is a great replacement for other incandescent bulbs.

مواد Aluminium
Type Bulb
Power Voltage AC 220 - 240V
Power Watts 15W
Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Lifetime 50000 Hours
Light Output 1250 Lumens
Colour Temperature 6500K
Features Saves up to 80% energy

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