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Milton HM-KO Kool أوليمبيا بوكس 9.1 لتر - أزرق

Milton HM-KO Kool Olympia Box 9.1 Litre - Blue
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Milton HM-KO Kool أوليمبيا بوكس 9.1 لتر - أزرق

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الوصف :

The Milton Kool Olympia is a sturdy, insulated water dispenser box that keeps liquids hot or cold for hours, and provides a smooth, hassle-free pour from a tap towards the bottom. Sturdy base and contemporary dual-tone finish. Wide-mouthed for easy filling and cleaning

اللون Blue
مواد Plastic
Finish Matte
Insulation Yes
Capacity 9.1 L
With Lid Yes

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