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ماكينة قطع الورق من انتيموس 32 SC2 - أبيض

Intimus 32 SC2 Strip Cut Paper Shredder White
  • 32 SC2
  • 32 SC2

ماكينة قطع الورق من انتيموس 32 SC2 - أبيض

قار : 1829

قار. 1749


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الوصف :

Intimus 32 SC2 Strip Cut Shredder is a state of the art office shredder that has the best features to offers among its class in the markets. It shreds up to 18 sheets of paper at a time at a speed of 9.8 feet/min. This strip cut shredder comes with a 9” wide feed throat that conveniently accepts paper sizes up to A4, offering a great solution to officials. Intimus 32 SC2 sports a hardy shredding unit that can effortlessly shred through materials like optical disks and credit cards. It is designed to destroy everything to extremely thin strip just 3/16” in width, making it a P-2 level security shredder.

الوصف :

This high functional document shredder is everything that a medium sizes organizations can demand: durable, intuitive, and economical. Intimus office shredders are the definition of easy to use data disposal products. Its light barrier enables on/off functions to be automated.

اللون White
Sheet Capacity 16-18
Bin Capacity 8.4 Gallons
Shred Speed 9.8 Feet/min
Feed Opening Size 9 Inch
Security Level P-2
Shred Types Paper, Paper Clips, Staples, Credit Cards, CDs/DVDs
Additional Features Auto Reverse, Auto Start/Stop, Capacity Indicator, DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor), Ecologic, I-Control, Silentec
Waste Bin Type Removable Waste Bin
Catchbasket Volume 32 Lt
Shredding Capacity Sheets 70 G/m2 16-18
Shredding Capacity Sheets 80 G/m2 14-16
Cutting Speed 0.05 M/s
Throughput Sheets/min 70 G/m2 182

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