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انتكس ZX-58894-18 الجيب Suntanner صالة

Intex ZX-58894 18-Pocket Suntanner Lounge

انتكس ZX-58894-18 الجيب Suntanner صالة

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The Intex 18-Pocket Suntanner is great addition to relax in the pool. It features a headrest pillow for extra comfort. With its unique shape and style, you love to spend more time and to have more fun at the pool. Made with durable material, it is safe to use.

Size 74 x 28 inch
Type Suntanner Lounge
Features Clear Top, Reflective Silver Bottom, Coil-Beam & 2 Air Chambers
Dimension 22.9 X 20.6 X 7.6 Cm

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