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سلة غسيل قابلة للطي من الخيزران من إن هاوس Lb-1019 ، متعددة الألوان

In-House Lb-1019 Bamboo Folding Laundry Basket Multicolor

سلة غسيل قابلة للطي من الخيزران من إن هاوس Lb-1019 ، متعددة الألوان

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bamboo Wooden Stand gives firm and strong help to the clothing pack. Produced using logs of bamboo wood, it can take immense heaps of washing laundry.Easy to set clothing Hamper. Extend the wooden stand, put on the clothing pack and keep your clothing inside. Expel the pack and push back the wooden represent space sparing capacity. Fabric sack is produced using cotton canvas. Handles for simple convey. Pockets sewn into the sack spread the wooden stand, supporting the material pack. Sack can be washed after use.Cloth pack can be utilized with the hamper or utilized freely as a shopping or basic food item sack.
Pack Of 1 Laundry Storage Basket
Material BAMBOO Wood And Cloth Fabric
Suitable For Laundry Storage
Product Dimension 40x70 Cm
Capacity 80 Liter
Features Easy To Assemble No Tools Required Easy To Move Around And Store Foldable Laundry Storage Basket Is Light Weight And Portable

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