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حافظة آيدز إير بودز ، غطاء حماية مقاوم للصدمات ، أسود

Iends Air Pods Case, Portable Protective Shockproof Cover, Black
  • Iends Air Pods Case Portable Protective Shockproof Cover Image

حافظة آيدز إير بودز ، غطاء حماية مقاوم للصدمات ، أسود

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Airpods Cases leather Shockproof Protective Case Cover/Pouches for Apple Airpods - Black. Slim, form-fitting design. Engineered from durable and impact absorbent material to provide the perfect balance of protection and fit. Helps protect against bumps, drops, and shock without adding bulk. Premium construction allows for long-lasting usability.
اللون Black
Type Case
Design For Apple AirPod

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