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المسار السريع كفل بلب فت ٤٠٦٠ ا / ب-

Fast Track CFL Bulb - FT-4060 E/B
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المسار السريع كفل بلب فت ٤٠٦٠ ا / ب-

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Available Colours

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Light up your homes and outdoor spaces with this incredible CFL Bulb from Fast Track that comes in a cool daylight color. It can save your energy and does not emit carbon. Show some love to the surroundings you live in by using this environment-friendly lighting solution with a very low wattage

الوصف :

The CFL bulbs provided by Fast Track Electronics are highly durable and energy efficient. Fast Track provides CFL bulbs for reasonable rates. The energy efficient CFL bulbs from Fast Track Electronics will make your home brighter.

اللون White
Watts 35 W
Base B22
Power 160-260 V, 50-60 Hz

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