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داوني كونسنترت فلينت فلاورز بريز - 1 لتر

Downy Concentrate Fabric Softener Floral Breeze- 1L
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داوني كونسنترت فلينت فلاورز بريز - 1 لتر

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Downy Valley Dew concentrate fabric softener helps keep your clothes fresh even when you sweat. Crisp fragrance and long-lasting freshness. Longer lasting freshness thanks to new perfume micro capsules that burst with every move. Softens and protects our family’s clothes from stretching, fading and fuzz. Reduces wrinkles and makes ironing easier vs. detergent alone.
Quantity 1 L
Type Fabric Softener
Format Liquid
Scent Floral Breeze

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