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أبل وتش منبه ٢ سريس ٢ - ٣٨ م ستاينلس ستيل كايس وذ ملنس لوب، بلاك  

Apple Watch MNPE2 Series 2 - 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop, Black
  • MNPE2
  • MNPE2
  • MNPE2

أبل وتش منبه ٢ سريس ٢ - ٣٨ م ستاينلس ستيل كايس وذ ملنس لوب، بلاك  

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Armed with GPS, this smart watch by Apple lets you track distance covered, pace, and other GPS dependent factors without your iPhone. This watch has an OLED Retina display that is 2x brighter than its predecessors. A sapphire crystal has been fitted over the screen for its protection. Fast and responsive, this Apple watch is installed with a powerful Dual Core processor. Further, it operates on WatchOS 3, which is designed for an instantaneous response to multiple demands. This smart watch by Apple is equipped with Bluetooth for sharing and WiFi for better Internet connectivity.Installed with WatchOS 3, this Apple smart watch helps you perform day to day activities with ease. The Activity Rings show you how active you've been throughout the day with three rings, one for each Stand, Move, and Exercise. It also gives you a nudge in the direction of a fit and healthy lifestyle with smart notifications, regular progress updates, and encouragement in the form of progress updates and milestones achieved.This smart watch by Apple is armed with numerous features that include built in GPS, and a Comprehensive Workout app. The built in GPS enables your Apple watch to track the precise distance, speed, and pace as you walk, run or cycle outdoors without assistance from the iPhone. Pair the heart rate sensor with the Workout app to continuously measure your heart rate.

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Know the when and how of everything that you do with this Series 2 Apple Watch. This Series 2 smart watch by Apple features a 38mm, Space Black, stainless steel case with an elegant, Space Black, Milanese loop strap.

Wireless Standard 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Water Resistant 50 M
Heart Rate Monitoring Yes
Band Material Stainless Steel
Dial Diameter 38 Mm
Dial Shape Square
Movement Quartz
Processor S2 Dual Core
Bluetooth Version V4.0
Operating System / Software IOS
Battery Life Up To 18 Hours
Dimensions 38.6 X 33.3 X 11.4 M

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